GMU Hosts a College together with Career Forum for Students together with Disabilities

GMU Hosts a College together with Career Forum for Students together with Disabilities On Saturday, Nov. 19, George Mason College or university will machine Future Pursuit 2011 , a biennial career together with college discussion board for students using disabilities. Families as well as specialists are also invited to attend the presentation which will open up at around eight: 00 i am in GMU’s Johnson Hospital.

Three lessons, featuring more than 20 courses (some inside Spanish) will cover everything from the school application procedure to the best way to survive at campus with a disability. Topics include:

  • Preparing for Higher education: From A-Z
  • Financing Faculty Beyond ‘Pennies from Heaven’
  • Range of Studying Support Solutions on University Campuses
  • You will discover No IEP’s in Faculty: Transition via High School to varsity
  • Self-Advocacy: Which makes it Happen throughout College and also Beyond
  • Postsecondary Education Is not Always School
  • Organizational Tactics
  • NVCC and to a Three Year University
  • Surviving often the Fallout: Precisely what Some of the Roadblocks to a Triumphant Transition to varsity and What To Do If Your Student Comes Home

Some as well as speakers as well as panelists as well available for the afternoon meal question-and-answer workout in ‘George’s Café ‘ on the last floor, over a Johnson Center food courts.

Potential future Quest in 2011 is totally free and ready to accept the public. For more information or to enroll online, look at the Virginia College Quest website.

If you’re trainees with a handicap or the father or mother of a college student with a disadvantages, this is a fantastic opportunity to put in doubt and learn in the experts.

5 Great Grants for Senior high school Videographers

Currently an ambitious film representative or a small producer about YouTube visitors? Do you shell out your spare time drafting storyboards or videotaping interviews?

If you have the time and expertise, you can move a videography hobby in real scholarship money money. Coupled with colleges plus employers, scholarships contests happen to be embracing unique technologies and outlets intended for student ingenuity. Some movie contests can ask for a promotional video tutorial for a merchandise (usually their very own product) or perhaps they might be buying a public program announcement advertising an important thought or occurrence.

Locally, the exact Credit Nation Foundation of MARYLAND & DC sponsors a college scholarship rewards program of which supports both an go component including a video task. College-bound credit union members are pushed to create a 60-second advertisement for the credit partnership ‘wanting to reach out to college-aged students. ‘

Like a fund essay, your scholarship online video media will take time and some effort to set-up. But remember that a good grant video will make a cool supplement to an martial arts portfolio when you are considering a movie or training video major.

Here are five competitions for budding filmmakers:

AFA Teens Movie Competition: This specific contest provides an opportunity for youngsters to think on why Alzheimer’s disease is starting to become an issue which is important within their lives together with those around them. Videos, along with an application as well as 200-word autobiography must be posted by 12 , 1, in 2011. Details are given on the Alzheimer’s Foundation of U . s website.

Virus-like Video Grant Contest: That contest was made as a place service assignment to help tutor the public for safe travelling practices simply by awarding any scholarship according to a public service announcement video. Most of entries needs to be received by way of March 31st, 2012, as well as must be published onto Vimeo or Vimeo with ‘DLG Viral Training video Contest’ within the title.

Find Green Video clip Contest: Area Connect and Staples want high school students to show in a 30- to 120-second video how science, systems, engineering or maybe math may very well be used to try to make cities and also towns even more so and more environmentally friendly for 21st century dwelling. The timeline to enter is normally 3 evening EST with December 7, 2011. Extra details plus entry guidance are provided anywhere Connect web-site.

Courageous Persuaders Video Scholarship Competition: College students are expected to create a Tv advertisement targeted to middle school trainees to advise them about the dangers of underage drinking. The very grand prize-winning commercial will likely be broadcast on TV and the party that built it will work together with Pluto Publish and the Detroit Auto Traders Education Groundwork to enhance their identify for the weather. Open to all of high school students, typically the Courageous Persuaders entry timeline is June 9, 2012. Note that output values within this how to write a conclusion in lab report contest are less important when compared with ‘ideas. ‘

Dr . Spice up Million Dollar Special offer: Students has to upload on line or within a sponsored affair an original movie demonstrating precisely why they should have to be successful tuition. Video will be evaluated on the appropriateness to concept of the college football and college tuition, and they will have to include certain reference to Doctor Pepper. There are lots of different deadlines corresponding to several events, utilizing December thirty first the latest day for factor.

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